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Reports show that lack of professional development is the top reason for why people quit their jobs.

When employees put professional and self development high in their priority list - they aim to become better in what they do, to expand their impact and to have clarity about their career roadmap.
This, in result, increases employees’ retention, employees’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

"I'm here to support the ongoing development of your organization and employees".  - Ori Bar On. 

Key benefits in numbers

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Source: Gallup’s meta-analysis across 1.2M individuals, 49K business units, 45 countries

How it works?

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What other people say

—  Ori Bendet / Director of Product, Checkmarx

Coaching with Ori is really amazing. It gives you a focused look on whichever topics you want to improve and talk about your challenges in a safe environment. At the beginning of the program you define together the goals that you want to achieve and then in each session you break it down until you get there. You can think of it as a very smart friend who can help you overcome the challenges you have at work. Like your shrink but for your work issues


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