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Hire like a boss
Find the ideal job fit

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 As a manager, you can't afford hiring the wrong team

Gallup estimates that low engagement costs the global economy $8.8
trillion and accounts for 9% of global GDP 



at work


Actively seeking 

a new job

Source: Gallup, State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report


Hiring new employees is often an expensive process and has critical impact on achieving business goals. During the hiring processes, it's hard to assess the candidate's personality and soft skills e.g. communication, motivations, strengths, etc. The assessment of soft skills is usually conducted through a personal conversation and involves intuition and gut feelings


Personality assessment doesn't have to be intuitive. We use a variety of diagnostic questionnaires to create a report for you that will provide extensive information about the candidate's personality, making the hiring decisions based on data rather than gut feelings


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The Candidates

To uncover their unique drivers at work, candidates will fill in a personal assessment questionnaire.

The Position

To find the essential  characteristics needed for the position, the hiring manager will complete a profiling questionnaire

Matching Report

This report explores the candidate's key drivers and potential areas for development, providing insights into their fit for the specific role and its demands

Powered by Claro Mentor

Clato Mentor is an AI/ML powered platform that harnesses each individual's unique operating system, equipping managers with actionable playbooks, tailored to the employee's unique drivers.
By blending cutting-edge AI and behavioral science, it maximize leadership effectiveness,
helping you to increase employees' productivity and energy levels.

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  • Make data driven hiring decisions

  • Hire the most suitable candidate for the job 

  • Create data-driven self development programs

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