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Workshops and Coaching Programs for Organizations  

Employees are NOT here to stay

As a manager in the organization, if you don’t initiate, facilitate and support the development of your employees, they will do it without you,
or worst - other companies will do it for you. 

Ori Bar On. 


Hi, I'm Ori

I’m a Life Coach, B.Sc EE and MBA, and 20 years of experience in Product Management. I help individuals discover their strengths to achieve significant goals in their lives. I work with people who are at junctures of transformation in their lives - when they are ready to “level up” and get to the next phase.  

I specialize in working with people developing their career by building and improving the right management and communication skills with different audiences in an organization. 
It’s exciting to me to see what you don’t see yet - and I wait anxiously for those “light bulb” moments when you just get it - and it all starts to make sense. These are the moments I live for.







Set ZOOM call


—  Ori Bendet / Director of Product, Checkmarx

Coaching with Ori is really amazing. It gives you a focused look on whichever topics you want to improve and talk about your challenges in a safe environment. At the beginning of the program you define together the goals that you want to achieve and then in each session you break it down until you get there. You can think of it as a very smart friend who can help you overcome the challenges you have at work. Like your shrink but for your work issues


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