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How to retain talents in the work place
while keeping them energetic, productive and fulfilled?

Everyone wants to be successful in their role. But today, more than ever, employees are seeking a professional development path. They want to be able to shape their current role so that it connects to a larger career plan. Employees are looking to obtain a professional roadmap rather than doing only their current job only

Career coaching - What's in it for the employee

Career coaching is your opportunity to take control and navigate your career.

We'll start by looking at your north star, your guiding principles and key purpose.
We will map the things that support you moving forward and also those that hinder you getting there. We will set goals and will put an action plan in place. ​


Career coaching - What's in it for the organization


Career coaching is an opportunity for the organization to really see the employees and set them for success.

Adopting an organizational culture that promotes a genuine concern for the employees' well-being and career development - will increase employees satisfaction, improve productivity, and reduce attrition.

Career Coaching  - What does it mean?

In essence, it is a mental coaching focused on career aspects.

Coaching service should be available as coffee is in the company’s coffee corner. Coaching should be accessible to anyone within the organization. Anyone is welcome to knock on my (virtual) door, and get a private coaching session.

We will talk about:


Effective communication, productivity, managing up, managing down, Crisis/Conflicts management, feedback calls, decision making, leadership, work-life harmony and many more, including venting of emotions, thoughts or difficulties


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My Coaching Ethics

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Goal Oriented

I will accompany the employee intensively in the coaching process in order to empower, challenge and achieve pre defined goals.

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Mutual  Commitment

Both parties, coach and employee, should work with full commitment to ensure the success of the coaching process.

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Safe Zone

What happens in zoom
stays in zoom. 

 The sessions are personal, private and confidential. This means that the employee can play open cards, thus getting the maximum value from me.

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Direct contact

The employee can reach out directly and privately, without the involvement of a direct manager, human resources or any other function within the organization

The Team


Ori Bar On

Career Coach, Mediator


Ori specializes in career development by building and improving the right management skills, sharpening communication skills, boosting productivity and more. 

Ori has served as a Director of Product Management in various companies and he has 20 years of experience working for small organizations to global corporations.
Ori holds B.Sc of Electrical Engineering from Ben Gurion University (Israel), MBA Marketing from Bar Ilan university (Israel).

Ori is a certified Mediator and Life Coach.

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Ruthy Pariente

Senior Career Coach, Supervisor

Ruthy specializes in executive coaching, career transitions and development.

Her vast experience includes coaching CEOs and C-level in Israeli start-up, mid-level employees and  team leaders in small-medium organizations. Ruthy is an expert for  communication and leadership, managing change & transitions,  wellness and motivation.

Ruthy has an extensive experience with over 25 years in the IT industry and VCs, serving in Marketing and Operations positions.

Ruthy holds a BA in Criminology from Bar-Ilan university (Israel) and a certification of HR management from University of California.

Ruthy is a certified Life coach and Supervisor.

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