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Hi, I'm Ori

For many years, I worked in the IT industry as a Product Manager and user Experience specialist.
I loved what I did and I was good at it .

Everything was just fine.

I woke up to a life that seemed fine, with a family that was fine, and went to a job that was fine. And so days, weeks, and years passed - all fine. For many people, a fine life is good enough. But not for me. I was in my comfort zone until..

My comfort zone was not comfort anymore​.

Dana and I kept our aspirations and dreams locked away in a drawer.

In 2017, We opened that drawer and decided to take a year off to travel the world with our three children. We decided it was the right time to invest our energy, time, and money in our family.
Our journey began as a year-long break and turned into a new life style. We've been traveling the world since 2017!
Life is no longer 'fine'. 
It is rather extraordinary! 


Extraordinary life!

We've created the freedom to choose where to live, how to raise our children, when and with whom to work remotely.

Alongside my work as a Product Manager, I studied and specialized in Mediation and Life Coaching. During coaching sessions, I felt more alive than ever before, and I knew the universe was telling me: you're on the right path, keep walking...

Today, as a career coach, I'm helping individuals and organizations transform and boost their performance.

It's a journey where you take off your masks and choose to pursue your dream. 

I'm honored to be part of your journey.

Odin Bright, Product Manager

I met Ori when I was at a career crossroads, struggling to see my goal and act to achieve it. In just a few meetings, Ori managed to help me refine my goals and understand how to reach them. Ori brought to light many insights that changed my perception . A phrase Ori told me that I will carry forward for years is, "One should navigate life with the firm understanding that they are capable of overcoming any challenges they face. With this mindset, they become unstoppable.

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