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Productivity Boost

About the workshop


As the workforce shifts towards remote, it's no surprise that fatigue, procrastination and frustration are affecting productivity. The balance between home and work is off, and boundaries blurred. Professional tasks are forced to sustain multiple interruptions from the personal realm, and vice versa. Productivity Boost quickly trains your team to implement a simple technique that organizes your life in just five minutes a day. Get serious about managing your time so that your time stops managing you.


In this workshop you will learn:


  • A proven, easy to implement method that helps you manage your time and tasks 

  • Which tasks should show on your to-do list (and which shouldn’t)  

  • The most effective way to define a to-do task 

  • Manage interruptions effectively 

  • Speed reading - it’s easier than you think

  • How to set basic automations in your business 

  • Easy steps to get to Inbox zero

  • More productivity tips and tricks

Meet your instructor


Hi, I’m Ori, a Business coach and mediator, Electrical Engineer, Product Manager and a Digital nomad.
I have been traveling with my family worldwide since 2017, while running my online business.  

I guide people to cultivate inner freedom so they can achieve their goals more efficiently - creating massive, measurable impact on their lives.
The years I’ve spent as a coach have shown me that unmanaged personal and professional tasks cause the majority of our fatigue and frustration, dragging down our overall well-being. I knew that the solution was simple. Inspired by the Getting Things Done (GTD) concept, I developed a productivity method that worked for me. Productivity Boost was born, and is now changing the lives of people all over the world


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What people say

Amir Dolev, Project Manager

HOT Communications


"Within only 1 hour of online workshop, I gained a full set of tools and a whole new approach about tasks management.

The workshop was fascinating, well presented, including live examples.
I have so many insights which I'm going to implement right away. 

Many thanks,


Keren Katz Zacks​
Self employed

"This eyes opening workshop taught me that I'm not a procrastinator, and that I'm actually doing very well. I feel empowered and capable and it encourages me to learn more and to have more control over my life. 

This workshop helped me develop awareness and clarity about self management.

Ori shares his vast experience and brings his positive energy to the room"

Nurit Karakash Yankelevich
Parent Consultant

"This is one of the most practical workshops I've attended.

I left the workshop with tools, insights and points for further personal work.
I believe that through practice and awareness I will be able to improve my productivity soon.

Thank you so much"

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