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Don't take my word only

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Hillel Cohen
Sr. Director
Product Design

The coaching program allowed me to  introspect and to discover soft skills I wanted to develop in order to become a better manager.

Ori Bendet
VP Products

It's like having a wise friend or a psychologist there to help you cope with the challenges of the role. Thanks to working with Ori, I was promoted to the position of Vice President of Products in the company

Yaki Gabriel 
Business Coach

The integration of mental work with emotional tools created a significant effect on me. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their life to the next level. Thank you, Ori, much appreciated.

Nora Coleman
Innovation Consulting 

Ori knew how to excellently connect personal coaching with business coaching, a connection that was very relevant to my unique situation.

Dror Yona
Sr. Director
oduct Management

Ori helped me stay focused on the goals I wanted to achieve. Working hard paid off;
I was promoted by title, by the size of my organization, and in my areas of responsibility

Michael Shaw
Sales Director

Ori had a remarkable capability to identify my most significant issues and he helped me view things from entirely new angle. He guided me through the process until I achieved my objectives.

Or Sorek 
Co - CEO 
Org. Consulting

Making a change is like climbing a mountain. Ori brings a backpack full of tools to help you climb. He shows you it's possible. Your success matters to him and he will climb with you all the way to the top

Mor Lifshit
Sr. Product Manager 

Coaching with Ori helped me decluttering my career path. After our quick and to-the-point meetings, I'm all set to start the exciting journey of my career.  

May Keid
VP Products

Ori combines intelligence, experience, and wisdom of life with love for people, empathy, and a sense of humor. He has a genuine passion of helping people.

Thomas Jenensch
Product Portfolio Lead

Coaching with Ori was a great and amazing journey to empower myself, to enhance my communication skills, and to making a personal growth plan 

Adi Meidan
UX designer 

Ori pinpointed my main issues and guided me towards solutions. Working with him fundamentally shifted how I view and think about my work. I'll always be thankful to him for this transformation.

Alon Shor
Director of Product

Ori won't make the decisions for you. He will rather guide you through all the important milestones, providing tools, practical advice, and insights that will remain with you well beyond the end of the coaching sessions.

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