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Who needs coaching, anyway?

Career coaching is suitable for anyone, a manager or individual contributor, who claims responsibility for their career and wishes to shape their role according to their key preferences.
We work with individuals who see themselves committed to change and are ready to make an effort to achieve their goal.
Career coaching is not a one-off magic. It is a continuous and challenging process that has the power to drive significant mindset change and to create an action plan in a relatively short time, typically about 10 sessions.

Career coaching is ideal for those who:

  • Feel exhausted or stuck in their current role

  • Have been promoted and are taking their first steps as a manager

  • Want to not just go to work but to love what they do

  • Want to shape their role and tailor it to their key preferences

  • Are open to change and trust me to guide them.

As a manager, your job is to lead your team in outperforming the work you once did in their position.

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