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Hi, I'm Ori Bar On
A Tech Career Coach

For many years, I worked in the IT industry as a Product Manager and user Experience specialist.
I loved what I did and I was good at it .

Everything was just fine.

I woke up to a life that seemed fine, with a family that was fine, and went to a job that was fine. And so days, weeks, and years passed - all fine. For many people, a fine life is good enough. But not for me. I was in my comfort zone until..

My comfort zone was not comfortable anymore​.

Dana and I kept our aspirations and dreams locked away in a drawer.

In 2017, We opened that drawer and decided to take a year off to travel the world with our three children. We decided it was the right time to invest our energy, time, and money in our family.
Our journey began as a year-long break and turned into a new life style. We've been traveling the world since 2017!
Life is no longer 'fine'. 
It is rather extraordinary! 


Extraordinary life!

We've created the freedom to choose where to live, how to raise our children, when and with whom to work remotely.

Alongside my work as a Product Manager, I studied and specialized in Mediation and Life Coaching. During coaching sessions, I felt more alive than ever before, and I knew the universe was telling me: you're on the right path, keep walking...

Today, as a career coach, I'm helping individuals and organizations transform and boost their performance.

It's a journey where you take off your masks and choose to pursue your dream. 

I'm honored to be part of your journey.

The Team


Ori Bar On

Career Coach, Mediator


Ori specializes in career development by building and improving the right management skills, sharpening communication skills, boosting productivity and more. 

Ori has served as a Director of Product Management in various companies and he has 20 years of experience working for small organizations to global corporations.
Ori holds B.Sc of Electrical Engineering from Ben Gurion University (Israel), MBA Marketing from Bar Ilan university (Israel).

Ori is a certified Mediator and Life Coach.

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Ruthy Pariente

Senior Career Coach, Supervisor

Ruthy specializes in executive coaching, career transitions and development.

Her vast experience includes coaching CEOs and C-level in Israeli start-up, mid-level employees and  team leaders in small-medium organizations. Ruthy is an expert for  communication and leadership, managing change & transitions,  wellness and motivation.

Ruthy has an extensive experience with over 25 years in the IT industry and VCs, serving in Marketing and Operations positions.

Ruthy holds a BA in Criminology from Bar-Ilan university (Israel) and a certification of HR management from University of California.

Ruthy is a certified Life coach and Supervisor.

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