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Don't Resign. Redesign*

How To Redesign Your Job

* Designing Your Work Life / Bill Burnett and Dave Evan

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Hillel Cohen, Senior Director of Product Design

Ori offered me a new perspective on myself, my goals, and the path I need to follow to achieve them. We rapidly explored the essence of my challenges, revealing more profound layers. A crucial part of this process was the transformation of my role, an essential change that will have a lasting impact on me for years to come.


In many organizations, the assignment of projects and tasks to employees is based on their professional abilities and availability. This method aims to achieve the organization's goals but often neglects the personal goals of the employees. The result: tasks are completed, but employee burnout increases, productivity decreases, and eventually turnover rates rise


By redesigning one's job, we ensure that the requirements of the role and the tasks at hand are optimally aligned with the strengths, motivations, and personal values of each employee. When done right, job redesign is done with full transparency between the manager and employee, so that the goals of both the organization and the employee are addressed


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The employee along with a direct manager will define the goals of the job crafting program

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The employees will discover their job purpose, their professional assets, motivations and strengths

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The employees will learn and practice various techniques to redesign their job

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 We will set an action plan to make sure the job redesign happens in real life, not only on paper

  • Redesign what you do

  • Redesign how you do it

  • Redesign with who you do it

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