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You Are The Product


To make great tech products, we have to identify gaps, define the product features, manage trade offs and manage our resources wisely.  

Similarly, our careers also suffer from limited resources that require constant trade offs, while critical decisions have to be made.

We know how to manage tech products, right? What if we used the same tools to manage our careers? 

In this workshop, I guide the audience through a process which helps them define their purpose, define the features to fulfill that purpose and to put everything on a roadmap for execution.

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What will you learn

VR Goggles

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Workshop participants will develop clarity about what they care most in their career, and set a personal roadmap to achieve their goals.


The output of this work will support existing development plans, OKRs, performance improvements plans and more


As an organization, this workshop cultivates employee's learning and development, increasing employees' retention and engagement​

Meet your instructor


Hi, I’m Ori, a Business coach and mediator, Electrical Engineer, Product Manager and a Digital nomad.
I have been traveling with my family worldwide since 2017, while running my online business.  

I guide people to cultivate inner freedom so they can achieve their goals more efficiently - creating massive, measurable impact on their lives.


For me, this work is a mix of two domains that are so dear to me: Product management and Business coaching.   
I love to reflect from one domain to the other.

I believe that every employee should have his/her own professional and personal roadmap. 


—  Ori Bendet / Director of Product, Checkmarx

Coaching with Ori is really amazing. It gives you a focused look on whichever topics you want to improve and talk about your challenges in a safe environment. At the beginning of the program you define together the goals that you want to achieve and then in each session you break it down until you get there. You can think of it as a very smart friend who can help you overcome the challenges you have at work. Like your shrink but for your work issues


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